Learn About CAURA


Professional Expertise

CAURA contributes a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the professional research administration community through highly qualified research administrators with experience in a broad spectrum of topics.

Through its membership, CAURA also offers professional consultation on Canadian research issues, including:

  • Intellectual property in research
  • Publications and copyrights
  • Research infrastructure (CFI)
  • Privacy issues in research
  • Granting councils (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, etc.)
  • Risk management, insurance and indemnity
  • University-hospital affiliations
  • Clinical trials administration
  • Networks (NCE, INE, etc.)
  • Electronic application submission issues

For more information on gaining access to this valuable resource please contact CAURA at executive_director@caura-acaru.ca.

Disclaimer: Please note that CAURA is an association of individuals working in fields related to research. The role of the Association is limited to providing contact information for professionals in various fields of research and research administration. Any exchange of information between individuals referred by this service and the professionals in question is the responsibility of those parties. The association assumes no liability for the use of information exchanged.


CAURA-Net Discussion List

A popular feature and useful networking tool is the electronic CAURA Discussion List. Members discuss policy and operational issues, share and exchange information and experiences, plus network and consult with colleagues. The Discussion List is accessible only to CAURA members and all new members are automatically added to the List.

CAURA Special Interest Group (SIG) Lists

Each SIG has a listserv to enable members of the SIG to communicate with each other. The SIGs are listed later on this page.

Annual National Conference

CAURA holds an annual national conference each year in the spring. The conference lasts three days and each year, several workshops are offered. The program consists of a wide range of sessions tailored to meet both the common and specific interests of the membership. There is always good representation from partnership agencies, particularly, when the conferences are held in Ottawa.

For new administrators, an annual workshop dedicated to the fundamentals of research administration is held. Seasoned research administrators are offered topical and special interest workshops. Wherever numbers permit, sessions and workshops are designed to be interactive and informal. There is ample time allotted throughout for members to network.

The next Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference will be held in Ottawa from June 15-18, 2014 at the Westin Hotel. Details will be posted on the Events page as they become available.

At the end of the conference, presentations are posted on this website. The 2009 - 2012 conference presentations can be found on the Presentations page (members only access).

Regional CAURA Meetings

Regional meetings of CAURA ADARUQ, East, West and Ontario are held each fall to address interim issues, as well as regional dimensions, and to offer ongoing networking. These meetings are open to research administrative staff who in themselves are not members but are associated with CAURA and CAURA members, including those who may not have the opportunity to attend the annual conference.

Links to the most recent information on regional meetings are posted on the home page.


Special Interest Groups - SIGs

CAURA recognizes that we are an umbrella for a large and complex profession with many and various roles and sub-specialties. We work very hard to provide good professional development and networking opportunities for our members. We put on a conference every year attempting to provide high quality content to engage and educate every member with all of their work role accountabilities.

Creating a SIG is designed support and engage each member at their particular specialty level. We have selected a SIG leader who is a seasoned expert in the particular SIG area to nurture and evolve this new family within CAURA.

The purpose of the SIGs is to:

  • Provide a dedicated, well used, valuable, communication network (eg list serve/blog) to allow members of the SIG to share common issues related to their specific expertise.
  • Design and Implement appropriate PD to help educate and develop SIG members. These PD offerings can be webinars, workshops attached to CAURA regional and stand-alone PD workshops.
  • Design and implement conference sessions that engage, network and educate members of the SIG
  • Enable SIG-wide expert feedback to funding agencies and CAURA on how the SIG/expert community can improve efficiency/effectiveness of SIG members in their roles and within the CAURA family
Annual Targets and Goals of SIGs
CAURA has high hopes for the accomplishments of SIG Leaders and SIGs. The following define proposed annual targets/goals for SIGs:
  • List serve/blog – Enable effective and regular communication/sharing (best practice, role specific information, opportunities etc) by SIG members of relevant, topical and timely information to SIG members. Moderated by SIG Leaders
  • Design and implementation of a 3 webinar series of PD webinars and 1 workshop (stand-alone or attached to CAURA conference)….PD appropriate from learner to advanced level
  • Design and Implement at least one session in each CAURA national conference
  • Contribute to a growing archive of best practice
  • Attract new members to the SIG and CAURA
  • Regular (every 3 months minimum) teleconferences of SIG members
  • Regular (every 3 month minimum) teleconferences of SIG leaders
  • SIG Leaders report to CAURA exec (twice a year)
There are currently 8 SIGS:

Canadian Grants Management - led by Drew Gyorke

Clinical Research - led by Katie Porter
Finance - led by Deanne Babcock
Grant Writers and Facilitators - led by Frances Chandler
Institution Contract Reviewers - leader needed
Leadership - led by Martin Kirk
Project Management - lead by Dean Strickland
Small Universities - led by Deborah Zornes
Systems and Information Standards - led by David Baker
Each SIG has a nominated Leader whose task it is to foster exchanges among the SIG members, and to organize whatever activities the SIG membership wishes to undertake. Communication between members of each SIG is supported by a listserv and through regular conference calls. The CAURA Executive Director participates in an ex officio capacity in all SIGs.


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